The Importance of Nutrition for Body Composition and Athletic Performance

With an average diet you are still going to benefit from coming to the box. However, you are
working incredibly hard in the box but if you want to reap the benefits you need to be thinking about
your nutrition. Good nutrition is hugely beneficial for multiple aspects of health and fitness, but I am
going to identify two:

A better Body Composition (lower body fat levels)

- The lower your body fat the less weight you
need to lift and carry e.g. pullups, push ups, handstand push ups, air squats, lunges, rope climbs,
running etc.

Food for Fuel

– Although we eat for pleasure, to enjoy great tastes and social occasions essentially
the main function for food is to fuel our bodies. The more we fill it with sugary, high glycemic (fast
acting carbohydrates) food the less efficiently our body is going to run. The more low glycemic slow
acting carbohydrates, lean sources of protein and good fats we feed our body the better it is going to

Balanced nutrition is also important for building muscle, improving aerobic capacity, reduce achy
joints, recover faster, improve mood and energy levels, and help you sleep better.